Hailing from Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Andrew Lyngarkos spent much of his youth advancing his understanding of the environment he lived in. His teenage years were a combination of artistic indulgence and ice hockey. In 10th grade he left the public school system to play ice hockey on a more competitive level. During this period he traveled extensively throughout North America and Europe playing in dozens of states, Canada, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany. Andrew also used these opportunities to explore many other countries whilst abroad, traveling to England, Scotland, Ireland, Greece, Crete, and Australia.

Throughout his time traveling he experienced much of the world through a photographic lens. Eventually growing tired with ice hockey, he chose to pursue a college education in the arts. Andrew graduated Magna Cum Laude from Arizona State University and was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. Since graduation he has endlessly strived towards photographic excellence mastering the latest techniques and editing software.

Andrew currently creates images for the Architecture and Design industries with a specialization in architectural photography of lighting. An unceasing attention to detail and photographic prowess push him to continue as a photographic artist that more than makes the cut.